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Favour Ayomide celebrates marriage of love, friendship with Stephen Chukwudi Chioba

It was a celebration of love, commitment and sincerity of purpose. It was a celebration of God’s abiding faith. It was indeed a celebration of citizen’s believe in one united Nigeria; a country where the federating units and regions share in a mutually beneficial relationship. The solemnization and eventual celebration of the holy wedlock between youthful Stephen Chukwudi  Chioba and adoring Favour Ayomide Akinbile were beauties to behold both in content and in value. The wedding in particular and the marriage of the couple in general signify the understanding of the new generation that though tribe and tongue may differ, God still remains our shield and our stronghold.  

Favour Ayomide is from Osun State while Stephen Chukwudi is from Aguleri in Anambra State but their parenst; Pastor Feyi and Nike Akinbile and Chief Ike and his wife Ngozi Chioba respectively had no hesitation in approving the marriage proposal of their children thus culminating in the long list of dignitaries comprising of friends and relations and well wishers who besieged the reception venue of the wedding ceremony in Ikeja area of Lagos July 15. The church wedding was preceded by the traditional wedding which held the same day.

Mother of the groom Mrs Ngozi Chioba had remarked that “I have found a daughter in Favour Ayomide. Each time that she is in the house you will see her behave in a manner which tells you that she is part of the house. I am indeed happy with this marriage. I sincerely pray for the success of this marriage in all its remifications.

The new couple who are both bankers creatively designed ways of expressing their love and commitment to each other as their explored every moment of the reception to demonstrate their deep understanding and respect for each other not ignoring the admonitions which came from the officiating pastors, traditional rulers and others who honoured them with their presences at the well attended reception.  Dr Uzodinma Nwike, Udokamma Ogbunike who is a renewed medical practitioner had while congratulating the couple charged them to follow the examples of their parents who epitomize successful marriages.

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