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Leadway Capital & Trust Anticipates harps on need for writing will, pledges contribution to economy

In a strategic move towards enhancing its intermediation in commercial, public, and private transactions as well as value preservation and growth, Leadway Capital & Trusts Limited is positioned for greater impact in the Nigerian economy.

Mr. Ayo Wuraola, the Managing Director of the company underscores the commitment to a trusteeship model that facilitates more transactions for issuers while securing the interests of investors and lenders.

“We are dedicated to creating sustained value through innovative financial solutions, including trusteeship and microcredit services,” affirms Mr. Wuraola. As trustees, the company acts on behalf of clients, ensuring their interests are well represented and their investments as well as final wishes are safeguarded through proper documentation as wills or and trusts such as education trusts and estate trusts. Leadway Capital & Trusts’ related investment services encompass select shortterm loans, leases, LPO financing, and targeted micro-loans. Recognizing the pivotal role of trust in commerce, the company underscores its significance in a global landscape where transactions often involve parties in distant locations who may never have met face-to-face.

Mr. Wuraola envisions exponential growth in the trust business over the next few years, foreseeing its strategic role in the economy. He expresses optimism regarding the promising future of trust services, driven by the growth in credit in Nigeria among others, as more institutions provide financial services to individuals and small businesses.

Leadway Capital & Trusts, cognizant of its potential impact, has outlined strategic initiatives to assume a leadership position in the industry. These include curated product offerings tailored to the needs of Technology and Venture Capital companies, addressing the rising diaspora remittances, and fulfilling domestic project management requirements.

These initiatives align with the positive trajectory of increased investment in agriculture. Recognizing the vital role of trust companies through the valuechain, Leadway Capital & Trust aims to be at the forefront of facilitating economic growth and financial inclusivity.

The company’s commitment extends to empowering women entrepreneurs, supporting small businesses, leveraging technology, and aligning with government initiatives.



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