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Kano Assembly Passes Bill Dissolving Five Emirate Councils Created By Ganduje

The Kano State House of Assembly has officially passed a bill dissolving all five emirate councils in the state. This decision followed deliberations on the floor of the house during a plenary session held on Thursday.

The significant move came as the Kano State Emirate Council Amendment Bill was considered and passed after successfully scaling its second and third readings.

If signed into law, the move is expected to see the return of the 14th emir of kano, Sanusi II who was deposed in 2020.

The Deputy Speaker, Alhaji Muhammad Bello Butu Butu, articulated the rationale behind the dissolution.

He emphasized that repealing the law that divided the Kano Emirate into five separate entities would help “revive the lost glory of Kano.” He further stated, “The division of Kano Emirate into five reduced the capacity and dignity of the state at the national level.”

Echoing these sentiments, the Majority Leader, Alhaji Lawan Hussaini Dala, underscored the cultural implications of the previous division. “The emirate council served as a custodian of our culture, which was distorted by the creation of additional emirates,” Dala said. He elaborated that the amendment aims to restore the traditional prestige and unity of the Kano Emirate.

In a briefing with journalists, Dala explained that with the amendment of the law, all five emirate councils were now abolished. “The commissioner for local governments will serve as the overseer,” he added, highlighting the transitional governance structure that will be put in place.

Additionally, the House adopted a motion to create a new second-class emirate council in the state, signalling a restructuring of the traditional institutions to better align with the state’s cultural and administrative goals.

This legislative action marks a significant shift in the governance and cultural landscape of Kano State, aiming to restore the historical and cultural integrity of the region’s traditional institutions.

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