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Applause as Engr John Ademola Adewole celebrates  @ 80

It was an occasion to be remembered for a very long time. The setting and the environment were right.  The guests were hybrid personalities who are accomplished in their various careers and professions, people who have attained the climax of whatever it was that their peers had set as targets.

Then came the chief celebrant, a man of impeccable character, a dignified personality whose names are far ahead of him considering the age that he has attained, the records set and broken in terms  of achievements and more importantly, the grace of God upon him which was primarily what the occasion was all about.

Chief Engr John Ademola Adewole, a retired engineer at the famous Ministry of Works and Housing had on Sunday, May 20, 2023 set out to celebrate the mercy and goodness of God upon his life endevours. His idea was to celebrate life at eighty; that is to say that John Ademola Adewole planned for the celebration of his 80th birthday. But what was initially scheduled to hold at the OLAC Event Centre, Ikorodu Lagos as one of those pedestrian events turned out a high profile and ground breaking event against the backdrop of caliber of guests, the scintillating environment which was laced with throw-back music and sumptuous meal.

An indigene of Oyo State, Pa John Adewole looks everything but a man of 80 year for he is strong in health, articulate in reasoning,  jovial in disposition and amiable in approach thus endearing himself to many people. John Adewole is acknowledged as one of the frontline engineers at the Ministry of Works and Housing who set the ground rules for achieving targets considering that he was associated with many of the landmark projects which the ministry pride itself with then.

In the midst of the encomiums deservedly poured on Pa Adewole on the occasion of his 80th birthday, he was his usual self when he acknowledged that it had taken the mercy of God for him celebrate. He was not the type of person who will be quick to forget the interplay of people whom he met along the corridor of life as he rejoiced in the friends that he made and the friends that he has kept many of who were at hand to lift him up at 80. He will remain grateful to his wife and his children who accounted for the peace that he is celebrating at 80.

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