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Yes, you may know how to operate your vehicle. You may haven’t even read your car’s manual, but you do know how to work the wipers, AC, the radio, as well as the hazard lights! Hopefully, you also know how to change your vehicle’s tires. However, what you don’t seem to realize is that all you need are these simple yet totally life-changing car hacks, which we’re certain that you wouldn’t find on any car manual. We got you covered in every minor to major annoyances; you can be certain that these tips will make your life easier. Try to see if you have done anything on this list before.

Fixing A Dent With Hot Water & A Plunge

Got an unpleasant dent on the side of your car? Don’t worry! We got you covered! Dents are pretty common, and regardless of what you think, they’re actually pretty easy to fix. All you need to do is boil water in a teapot or saucepan, pour the hot water over the dent, then take the plunger and pull. If the car’s body isn’t heavily damaged, then the dent should pop right out, it may not look as perfect as it was, but at least it would make it less prominent.

Dirty Headlights And Toothpaste

If your headlights are foggy, don’t rush to the nearest auto store for a special solution! You might already have something at home to solve your problem. Toothpaste, it turns out, works just as well on headlights as it does on teeth because it contains mild abrasives that clean enamel. Your headlights can be as clear as day again with a bit of toothpaste and elbow grease! (Side note: This wouldn’t always work. If it’s yellowing from the inside, you might want to look for replacements.)

Opening Your Keyring With A Staple Remover

There’s no need to break your fingers trying to fit a new set of keys onto your clumsy metal keyring. Simply use a staple remover to separate the end pieces and slide them in! It’s so simple that we’re sure you’re wondering why you’ve never considered it before.

Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

If you’re the type to think ahead, you probably keep some emergency car supplies in the trunk, such as oil, a funnel, a rag, a flashlight, and so on. Consider getting a shower caddy to store all those important items securely, so they aren’t rolling all over your trunk when you need them — and so you don’t get anything else in the trunk dirty.

Use Pool Noodles To Prevent Car Dings

Do you often hit your door on the side of your garage every time you get out? A simple solution is to cut a pool noodle in half and tape it to the wall where the door swings open (the scuff marks should make it easy enough to tell). You can use bolts or simple command strips to secure it, but your car and your wall will be safe in either case!

Need A Trash Bin? Use Cereal Bins

We throw trash in our cars without thinking about it, but did you know that if you’re not careful, the smells from that trash can linger inside your car for a long time? You won’t have that problem if you get a trash can. All you’ll need is one of those small cereal-holding plastic containers. Simply line it with a plastic bag to create a compact and easily sealed trash can that keeps your car clean and odor-free.

Reduce Glare With A Tinted Plastic Sheet

We’ve all been there: you forgot your sunglasses, it’s getting dark, and you’re driving west. At this angle, your visor won’t be able to protect you, but there is something that can! A simple tinted plastic sheet will stick to your car window with static and can be moved around as needed, ensuring that the sun never bothers you again!

Lessen Frost By Parking Your Car Facing East

This may appear to be some strange witchy trick, but it’s actually quite simple and logical. When you park your car facing the sun in the morning, the sun’s rays will defrost your front windshield first. You’ll never have to wait for the defroster to warm up again if you leave for work after the sun rises!

Extend Your Key’s Range By Holding Them To Your Head

We know it sounds ridiculous, but we swear it works! If your keys don’t have much range, place them under your chin and press the button again; the fluids in your head will change the signal’s range slightly. If you don’t believe us, just try it out for yourself!

Extend Your Key’s Range By Holding Them To Your Head

When taking a long car ride with a young child, there are two obvious issues: they are messy and easily bored. Fortunately, having a MagnaDoodle in your toy arsenal can help with both of these issues. To begin with, they’re easily one of the most entertaining toys because children can draw and redraw without running out of (or dropping) materials. What you might not realize is that they can also be used as a tray table for kids to eat meals from without getting crumbs and spills all over the place.

Clean Your Wheels With Coke

You Might have heard the phrase “use Coke to clean this” a million times, but a solution of cola and dish detergent will remove all of the road grime and brake dust from your rims and leave them gleaming. Some people are concerned that the soda will simply make things stickier, but the detergent you add prevents any buildup.

You Can Use Pantyhose As A Fan Belt

First and foremost, if you have any other options available to you when your fan belt breaks (such as calling a tow), you should use them. Saving money isn’t worth the risk of catching your engine on fire. If you’re really stuck, a pair of pantyhose can be used as a fan belt to get you to a gas station or an area with cell service where you can get help.

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